how do i get my photos?

do i get copyright?

where should i print my pictures?

what kind of editing do you do?

You receive a personal use PRINT RELEASE, which gives you permission to print and use photos for PERSONAL USE. I still retain COPYRIGHT. This means you can't enter photos into a contest, etc. without my permission. This is what most photographers in the area do.

This also means you are not to alter the coloring on your images (aka put a filter on them) when posting on various platforms. Doing this is like painting on an artist's work and still saying it was done by them. Filters create photos that don't represent my brand, so please don't alter them.

You will receive an email with a link to your gallery. The email also includes the password to open your private gallery. All images are high resolution photographs.

I now offer common print sizes in my shop, as well as canvases. These come from a professional printer, which means spot on colors and museum quality paper and canvases meant to last generations. You have access to the shop from your gallery. If you choose to print on your own, a lot of photographers recommend

I do simple editing to enhance your images and represent my style. If there is something that seems distracting in the photo, maybe a particularly bad pimple or a spot on a shirt, I'll usually edit that out. Why? I know if I had a blemish on my face, I would hate my photos. Not because it was a bad picture, but because I had a blemish. I want you to love your pictures and yourself in them! For extended family pictures, I include 3-5 head swaps at no extra charge. I choose what images need head swaps and take care of them before you see your final gallery. If you want additional editing, see the next question.

What if I want more detailed editing?

Detailed work such as more head swaps than included, completely clear skin, and removing a difficult object from an image can be purchased per image once you see your final gallery. I rarely have people request these, but it is an option if you feel it is needed. 
Completely Clear Skin | $3/image
Object Removed | $5-10/image 
Additional Head Swaps | $6/image

What should we wear?

A few basic tips: Don't completely match. You can choose a patterned outfit for someone and pull other colors from there. Think solids for some, while texture (3D effects on clothing) or patterns for others (repetitive flat pattern on clothing). Stay away from logos. Women, if you're concerned about your weight, do not wear tight fitting clothing. If it's your waist, choose something that flows away from your waist. Hate your arms?---Wear 3/4 length or long sleeves or a cardigan/jacket. Don't be afraid to borrow from friends and family or look in your closet. Don't feel like you have to buy everything new! A few stores I love: H&M, Old Navy, and Target. For plus size women: Kervology, Maurices, and Roolee. Be sure to look at sizing charts and don't just go by the size it says. 

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