Apr 16, 2018

I always admire the perspective NICU parents have from having a little one so early. It’s always a testament to me that the Lord is in our lives and watching over us and our littles. And, the strength of mothers. We go through a lot to get our littles here. We would do anything, even […]

Jan 29, 2018

As many of you already know, and might be tired of hearing, I have two miracle babies. My first was born at 26 weeks and my second was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, or half a heart. One of the things that makes the journey more enjoyable is the love of service that I […]

Mar 18, 2017

There is little scarier than having a child born early. This family has their handsome twin boys born at 33 weeks. They were immediately whisked away to the NICU and Mom and Dad were able to hold them about 12 hours later. Sometimes we take for granted the little things, like getting to hold your […]