Everything Wedding



are proof that once,
even if just for a heartbeat,
everything was


Everything Baby





Jul 1, 2017

I love these guys! This is my husband’s aunt’s family. They recently moved from Arizona to Utah and it has been so fun having them closer. My oldest has taken a particular liking to cousin Max. They aren’t all together very often, so of course we had to take family pictures. They wanted it to […]

Jun 12, 2017

Talk about a fun family! This is a perfect example of a typical toddler. He didn’t want to be photographed and wouldn’t stop moving, but we got the photo! Parents get so worried about their toddler not wanting to sit still, but it’s normal. Rarely do I see a family not in this situation. I […]

Jun 8, 2017

I am so glad I got to photograph the Larsen family! They came prepared looking so cute together and bribing the kids with goodies! (Hey, you do what you gotta do!) I adore this little family. Though they are technically friends, by all means they are family. What a big, beautiful family!

Jan 15, 2017

I had such a fun time photographing this beautiful family. I met Andee through Intermountain Healing Hearts, a support group for those with congenital heart defects and their guardians. She is one of the sweetest people and so giving. It was fun to see her children’s personalities and how fun they were as a family […]