Apr 12, 2018

I adore Shalee. I first took her pictures many years ago as a senior and before she left on an LDS mission to the Philippines. She has since married, is about about to graduate, and is expecting a little bundle of joy! Excited for these two to welcome a handsome baby boy to their family. […]

Apr 12, 2018

I have known Ben and Mandee for over 10 years and my husband has known the Wheeler’s since he was a kid. Ben and Mandee are also like second parents to my boys. When I worked, Mandee watched my oldest, as well as many times when we were in the hospital with my youngest a […]

Apr 11, 2018

Wedding planning takes time. We worry about the location, the decorations, the photographer, your makeup, and more. LDS weddings also have the temple ceremony. You sit in a beautiful sealing room surrounded by friends and family and your soon to be spouse. Can you believe it? My best tip for LDS weddings is to assign […]

Apr 5, 2018

I am so grateful to this little family. Sometimes as a photographer you see a beautiful day for photos and wish you had someone to photograph. I posted on Facebook that I wanted so badly to shoot someone at the Utah State Capitol blossoms and she volunteered her little family. Her sweet husband drove home […]

Mar 29, 2018

I was able to grab some gorgeous photos of these two at a short photo session with THEE Edward Heard. It was freezing and the wind was crazy so we made it short and sweet. Loved photographing again at Antelope Island because it’s always pretty and the bugs will be arriving soon which makes you […]

Mar 20, 2018

My husband and I are coming up on our 10 year anniversary. Most of the time it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long, and then I stop to think of all the things we have experienced and it’s crazy to think it’s only been 10 years— the best 10 years. I recently saw a […]

Mar 19, 2018

Dreams. We all have them. Sometimes they are big and sometimes they are small. If we don’t start making steps towards reaching our dreams, we definitely won’t get there, but if we start now and begin making those steps, there is always a chance that we will get there. One of my dreams has been […]

Mar 9, 2018

Brenna and Mitch were so fun to photograph. They made photographing them effortless. We photographed in the new Ogden event venue, The 5th Floor. The beautiful exposed brick and white trimmed windows made for some spectacular pictures. Brenna’s red hair, can I just say it… jealous! She’s absolutely beautiful. The custom dress made my J. […]

Mar 8, 2018

After reading Simplied Life by Emily Ley, I knew I had to see if she had any more books and she did! I’m not the biggest reader. I have the hardest time concentrating with the amount of things often on my to-do list and to worry about, but every once in a while I stumble […]

Mar 6, 2018

Have you heard of the new event venue in Ogden, Utah called The 5th Floor? It is stunning inside! Exposed brick, large windows with chunky white trim. It has a bit of an industrial feel to it too with it’s large metal doors. Stacie Larsen has done a great job of creating an “industrial/traditional” space. […]