My #1 Tip for an LDS Wedding

Wedding planning takes time. We worry about the location, the decorations, the photographer, your makeup, and more. LDS weddings also have the temple ceremony. You sit in a beautiful sealing room surrounded by friends and family and your soon to be spouse. Can you believe it?

My best tip for LDS weddings is to assign someone to take mental notes of what is said during your sealing and then write them down for you.


I didn’t do this at my sealing and sadly don’t remember a lot of it. Our family kept telling us that it was the most beautiful sealing they had ever been to, but we could only remember a few things. One of them that I remember is the sealer saying that our children were there. It still brings tears to my eyes knowing this. So, choose one or two people, preferably not a close relative, like mom and dad, but maybe a sibling, best friend, or cousin to remember and write down things they remember the sealer saying. I promise, you won’t regret it!

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