Kaysville Utah Photographer | Bills Family

I can’t tell you how excited I was to be able to do the Bills family’s family photos. “Brother Bills” was one of my seminary teachers in high school and seriously THE BEST. You could tell that he was EXCITED about the gospel and what he was teaching you. He literally bounced back and forth across the front of the room as he was teaching. He made it fun, he made it interesting, and you quickly began to gain a testimony and love for the gospel as you saw his in action. I’ll be forever grateful for all he taught me, but most importantly the love of the gospel that I learned that semester. And as if he wasn’t amazing enough, he and wife are amazing people. They have adopted all six of their beautiful children. I always find it interesting that adopted children look like their adoptive parents. I have no doubt these children were sent to earth to be a part of the Bills family and I’m grateful for the chance I had to capture them all in front of the camera.

Kaysville Utah Family Photographer

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