Jun 12, 2017

Spirited Toddlers | Utah Family Photographer

Talk about a fun family! This is a perfect example of a typical toddler. He didn’t want to be photographed and wouldn’t stop moving, but we got the photo! Parents get so worried about their toddler not wanting to sit still, but it’s normal. Rarely do I see a family not in this situation. I am not past bribes, but let’s catch their personality! A few tips to help “tame” them a bit:

1) Make sure they have ate before coming to the photoshoot. A hungry toddler is an onry toddler!

2) Bring a small snack/treat for during pictures. Smarties work great!

3) Don’t be afraid to bride with a special treat afterwards! Ice cream is a favorite!

Lastly, remember they are a toddler. It is in their nature to be shy and rambunctious. As a photographer, I do my best to capture their personality, so be ok with letting it shine!


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